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April 03, 2019

Child Help Charities

Our donation to Child Help Charities for the Superhero Saturday 2018.

March 23, 2019

Tour de Force

PPSLA would like to extend appreciation and support to our member representatives who are traveling to the east coast to participate in the Tour de Force ride to honor fallen law enforcement officers. 

December 11, 2018

Statement on Police Shootings

The men and women of the Phoenix Police Department swore an oath to serve and protect its community. We respond to calls for service and suspicious activity in an effort to address criminal behavior and potential threats. PPSLA supports not only the supervisors who respond to these critical incidents, but we also support the officers who are involved. These men and women are most often the first on scene, and they take necessary steps to address the threats they face - all with an obligation to keep themselves and the community safe.


Those of us who wear a uniform and are sworn to uphold the law are also required to act to address situations that we face. This year, our members responded to calls where individuals were violent and represented threats to the community. A small percentage of these calls required the use of deadly force - and this deadly force is both justified and appropriate under the law.


We do not have the answers as to why there is an increase in the number of law enforcement shootings this year in Maricopa County. To be honest, answering this question - about larger social issues and criminal behaviors - is beyond our training and experience. We don’t know why, for example, criminals display guns and pose threats to civilians on city buses. We don’t know why criminals steal cars at gunpoint and fire weapons at innocent civilians. But both of those situations happened this year, and when the suspect failed to comply with commands and continued to threaten civilians and officers, deadly force was necessary and appropriate to prevent further violence.


PPSLA and our members address every critical incident - and every call for service - on an individual basis. We support others (including the Department administration) who - with good intentions - attempt to answer the broader questions as to “why” these circumstances occur. And, as always, we support our co-workers who are faced with split-second decisions and who act according to the law.

July 06, 2018

Lower Dues and New Legal Plan

Today, the PPSLA Board met at the 700 community room to discuss bylaw changes, dues reductions, as well as changes to the PPSLA Legal Plan.

The Board unanimously decided to reduce dues by nearly $5 (and to an even dollar amount!) and additionally, to switch to AZCOPS for legal coverage and statewide representation.

Click below to learn more about what AZCOPS offers - and also, feel free to come visit your new PPSLA office at 2220 N. Central #103 (just across from ChildHelp) and join us for our next Board meeting scheduled for July 12, 2018 at 11am.

July 02, 2018

New Board Members

After the results of the elections, there were still vacancies to fill on the PPSLA Executive Board. We are pleased to announce that, after some reshuffling, the Board is now at full strength.

Our first move was to fill the vacant office of Treasurer. Trustee Brian Coudret agreed to fill this position.


This left a vacancy for a Trustee position. Secretary Mark Schweikert stepped down as Secretary and filled the open Trustee spot.

The third move was to appoint Brian Thatcher to the newly-vacant Secretary position.

Next, because of the resignation of James Smith, there was a vacancy in the position of Vice President/Chief Representative. Trustee Jeff Chapman agreed to take that position.

Finally, the last Trustee position was filled by Nick Jimenez. Welcome to the Board Nick!

July 02, 2018

Proposed Bylaw Changes

Today, the newly elected PPSLA Executive Board took office, and President Ben Leuschner called a special board meeting. As part of this meeting the newly elected and appointed Board Members overwhelmingly voted to propose certain changes to the PPSLA Bylaws to reflect the will of the membership as reflected in the election results.

Specifically, the Board decided that it was not the members' will for membership in PPSLA to be conditioned on membership in the FOP. The Board feels that PPSLA should be open to all active Phoenix police sergeants and lieutenants, and that membership in the FOP should be optional for those PPSLA members who would choose to self-affiliate.

The proposed bylaw changes will be voted on at a special board meeting to be held on July 6, 2018 at the new PPSLA office at 2200 N. Central Avenue.

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