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PPSLA affiliates with AZCOPS

PPSLA is pleased to announce that we have affiliated with the Arizona Conference of Police and Sheriff’s (AZCOPS), a well-respected labor association, for its legal plan and benefits package. What this means is that from this point forward, our members are covered under one of the most comprehensive legal plans available to police officers in the state of Arizona.

The legal plan includes the following:

  • Representation for members, spouses, and dependent children (under 18 or 23 if a full-time student residing with the member) will be represented if either one is named as a defendant or respondent in an employment-related civil or criminal action to the extent that the member’s employer does not provide legal counsel.

  • Discipline Hearing Representation for employment-related matters for members, spouses, and dependent children for wrongful terminations; demotions; or suspensions for which appeals are allowed.

  • Worker’s Compensation and personal injury cases (members, spouses, and dependent children).

  • Civil Traffic Representation (members, spouses, dependent children) – limited to citations issued within Arizona, and limited to one citation per year per person, and includes payment of defensive driver’s training/school.

  • Free telephonic or office consultation for employment-related matters (members, spouses, dependent children).

  • Free Wills and Powers of Attorney (members, spouses, dependent children).

  • Bond premium for bail bond up to a bond amount of $50,000 in job related criminal matters.

In addition to its premiere legal plan, this package also provides the following:

  • Verizon Phone Plan – Save up to 22% on bill and 25% on accessories; includes free Hotspot, unlimited data, unlimited minutes, 10-month upgrades

  • Professional Lobbyist

  • Temporary Income Protection Plan (partial pay for up to 5 day suspension if opt out of legal plan use)

  • Critical Incident Response Assurance Plan – Should an AZCOPS attorney not respond to a member’s critical incident within 2 hours, the member will receive $250.

  • Discounted rates on attorneys for anything outside the AZCOPS Legal Plan.

  • Discounted rates with Tactical Planning Group, a financial planning firm.

  • Discounts through The Employee Network.

  • Travel discounts through Get Away Today.

  • Discounts to Golfland and Sunsplash in Mesa.

  • Discounts up to 60% on tickets, travel, and shopping through Working Advantage.

In addition to this, PPSLA has found a new home at 2200 North Central Avenue, Suite 103. This office is just north of FIB. We’re still in the process of move-in, and we will keep everyone in the loop on when we are open. We will also have a new office manager and are currently looking for a qualified person.

To top it all off, the new Board of PPSLA (Ben Leuschner, Brian Thatcher, Brian Coudret, Daren Wunderle, Mark Schweikert, Brad Huskisson, and Nick Jimenez) just voted to reduce your dues by almost $5 per month to a nice, even number.

We ask for your patience as we work through the logistics of changing our benefits package, moving into a new location, and changing your dues deductions. We will be sharing more information in the days and weeks to come, including a welcome packet from AZCOPS detailing your new benefits. If you need immediate assistance, please contact PPSLA at 602-258-5404. If you need to contact AZCOPS, the number in Phoenix is 480-571-8113 or Tucson 520-622-2215. Please do not contact the FOP, ALC, or Yen, Pilch, and Landeen for member representation issues as they are no longer the legal plan for PPSLA. Thank you and stay safe!


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