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The Five Pillars of PPSLA

The PPSLA Bylaws outline Five Pillars for our organization. We are actively soliciting member feedback as to how PPSLA can best achieve the objectives necessary to serve out membership.

PPSLA, as a management representative organization, participates in the "Meet and Discuss" process with representatives from the City of Phoenix. We work as a team to identify the needs of the membership and to ensure that supervisors' needs are addressed in MOA negotiations. We also work to advance the interests of our associate members.


Representation is the heart of our organization. We provide support to members who are involved in critical incidents, internal investigations, and informal dispute resolution situations. PPSLA is committed to ensuring that all members receive the support they need to address the complex issues that Phoenix supervisors face. Members and associate members receive robust legal representation - from the time of an NOI through appeals and certification challenges.

Political Activity

As the representative group for the supervisors at the Phoenix Police Department, PPSLA provides a credible voice and decades of experience in the issues facing law enforcement. PPSLA and its affiliated organizations weigh in on important issues facing law enforcement locally and state-wide.

Member Services

We know that being a leader at a major law enforcement agency presents unique challenges and stresses upon members and their families. PPSLA provides support to its members facing difficult circumstances, and we are committed to ensuring that all members and associate members are properly connected to PPSLA's resources.


Training and Education

We actively encourage our members to attend quality training and educational opportunities to provide growth and development. Our organization, and the Phoenix Police Department, benefit by having well-trained, well-prepared supervisors. PPSLA sponsors training sessions for representation and promotional processes, and we are always looking for additional opportunities to provide quality training and educational events to its members.


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