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Becoming an Associate member of PPSLA provides automatic membership in AZCOPS - the premier statewide representation for law enforcement officers. Benefits include the Verizon phone plan, top-rate legal representation and access to news and information regarding the issues facing law enforcement in Arizona and around the country. PPSLA associate members also benefit from career advice and peer representation related to disciplinary issues.

Eligibility - You must be a current employee of the Phoenix Police Department. This includes police officers, commanders, assistant chiefs, police aides, detention officers, dispatchers, and other civilian employees. 

Dues - $35 per month.

By submitting this form, you agree to the following - 

You hereby apply for Associate membership in the Phoenix Police Sergeants and Lieutenants Association ("PPSLA"). Associate membership is a service provided by PPSLA to non-Unit 6 members for benefits to include a legal plan, retail discounts, phone plan benefits, as well as career advisement. Associate membership does not provide for representation for bargaining.

You agree that the legal plan dues will be paid for by PPSLA. In the event that your Associate dues for PPSLA end, your legal coverage could also end. Additional benefits that will cease could include, but are not limited to, retail discounts and phone plans. Benefits may continue, at PPSLA's discretion, if you make arrangements to keep your dues current. 

After you complete this form, you will be directed to the next page to provide bank account information for dues deduction for your first month's dues, Dues are deducted out of your bank account on the 20th of each month, If the 20th falls on a weekend or holiday they will be withdrawn the next business day.

Once your application is processed, you will receive additional benefits information, including Verizon benefits, via mail from AZCOPS.

If you are a current Verizon member, email Amy Unangst at and advise her that you signed up for PPSLA membership and she will guide you through the process.

Thanks for joining PPSLA!

Apply for Membership
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